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Podiatric Medical School

Orthotics Relief of Feet Conditions

Understanding the Structure of our Body

A few decades ago, scientists used to say that the human body is the perfect machine. Our bodies have been perfected over millions of years of evolution which has reached a fine level of complexity. The structure that supports us is like an architectural design and in fact, it uses many of the principles that would later be applied to architecture in order to support buildings.

The ostheoartromuscular system supports our weight as well as allows us to move. We have hard pillars, called bones, points of movement which are the joints, and elastic tissue like tendons that help us absorb the impact and keep our posture. Muscles that help support our body by providing the tension and strength needed to hold everything in position.  Read More...

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Orthotics Relief Of Feet Conditions

Orthotics Relief Of Feet Conditions


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